By Emre G├╝rkan Abay
Russia letter, week beginning Nov. 14

-Russia happy with Trump’s win

Similar to the global media, the big headline in Russia was Republican Donald Trump’s win in the U.S. Presidential Elections.

Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton, which was on all the news channels and papers last week, featured stories and live broadcasts from the U.S. explaining to Russian citizens what this new era could now bring for Russia.

While pro-Kremlin news outlets mainly stressed the possibility of lifting U.S. sanctions against Russia in 2017 and the recognition of Crimea as Russian land, other news organizations were more cautious.

Russian experts underline that Trump may have just used the rhetoric on better relations with Russia to “attract attention” and are skeptical that Trump will be able to make a vital shift in U.S. foreign policy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was among the first leaders to congratulate Trump on his victory, said that while Russia understands it’s a “tough road ahead” for improving ties with the U.S., they are still ready to improve these relations in every sphere with Trump.


-Oil prices still critical for Russian economic recovery

The Russian markets, alike most global markets, were surprised with Trump’s win and suffered some losses. However, these losses recovered later on. Analysts point out that the direction of oil prices carries much more importance for the Russian economy than Trump’s win, and if no agreement at the OPEC meeting on Nov. 30 is made, losses on the Russian market could be severe. 


-Pro Russian presidents elected in Moldova and Bulgaria

Meanwhile, during the two elections in the Balkans this week in Moldova and Bulgaria, two pro-Russian candidates have been elected as the new presidents of their respective countries, making Russia one of the biggest winners last week in global politics. 

14 Nov,2016