By Ata Ufuk ┼×eker
Brussels Letter, week beginning Sept. 26

Mobile phone roaming issue

European Parliament’s Industry Committee will debate on Monday  the Commission’s second draft decision on how mobile operators should apply ”fair use” policies. These policies would apply to telecom providers to limit the amount of free roaming to avoid abuse, after roaming surcharges are abolished in June 2017.  The Commission withdrew its first draft after criticism.

ECB’s presentation

European Central Bank (EBC) President Mario Draghi will present on Monday the ECB’s perspective on economic and monetary developments, in particular in the aftermath of the June 23 Brexit referendum, to the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. The discussion with members will also cover Euro area long-term bonds and financial market fragmentation.


EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator (CTC) Gilles de Kerchove will debate the state of play in the fight against terrorism and recent attacks in member states with the Civil Liberties Committee on Monday.

Economic Relations

Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board will visit Brussels and organize a press point on Tuesday.

Panama Papers inquiry

The EP’s Panama Papers inquiry committee will kick off with a hearing of some of the journalists who revealed the scandal in their investigative work on Tuesday.

2017 EU budget

The Committee on Budgets will vote on more than 2,200 amendments to the draft EU budget for 2017, after its members criticized the cuts proposed by the Council as they affect a number of programs that represent political priorities such as Horizon 2020 (research), the Connecting Europe Facility (infrastructure), or DCI (development cooperation, fighting the root causes of migration) on Wednesday and Thursday.

Car type approval system

Amendments to the proposed overhaul of EU rules aiming to ensure that cars placed on the market comply with all safety, environmental and production requirements will be debated for the first time in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee on Thursday. The proposal was presented by the Commission in the aftermath of the VW emissions scandal.

Competitiveness Council

EU’s Competitiveness Council will meet in Brussels on Thursday. The Council will debate on the collaborative economy. This first ministerial discussion will be based on a recent Commission communication about policy recommendations and legal guidance for the balanced development of the collaborative economy in Europe.

Collaborative economy refers to business models where activities are facilitated by collaborative platforms that create an open marketplace for the temporary use of goods or services often provided by private individuals.

Ministers will discuss industrial policy coordination issues - in particular, they will consider ways to redress the difficult situation of the steel industry.

The Council has been closely monitoring developments in the steel industry as the sector provides more than 300,000 direct jobs in Europe and is closely connected with many other manufacturing sectors.

Environment Council

The Environment Council of the EU will meet in Brussels on Friday. The Council will discuss the ratification of the Paris Agreement, the global agreement on climate change. Ministers are expected to agree on the EU conclusion of the Paris Agreement.  This would allow the Council, after the consent of the European Parliament, to adopt a Council decision for the EU to ratify the deal in October. This could bring about the agreement’s entry into force.


26 Sep,2016