Turkey to privatize 5 hydro power plants with 376 MW
- Five Central Anatolian hydroelectric power plants to be privatized by local privatization authority

Turkey will privatize five hydroelectric power plants (HPP), in three central Turkish cities; Kayseri, Kahramanmaras and Tokat, the Turkish Official Gazette said on Tuesday.

Turkish Privatization Administration (OIB) announced that it will privatize the plants within three groups - the Camlica plant in Kayseri, and the Menzelet and Kilavuzlu plants in Kahramanmaras and the Almus and Kokluce plants in Tokat.

The installed power capacity of the HPPs varies between 27 megawatts and 124 megawatts with the total installed capacity for the entire plants equalling 376 megawatts.

The plants and their immovable properties will be privatized through the transfer of operating rights (TOOR) method after sealed tenders are submitted.

The bid deadline for Camlica is Aug. 19, Sept. 5 for Almus and Kokluce and Sept. 30 for the Menzelet and Kilavuzlu HPPs.

By Muhsin Baris Tiryakioglu

Anadolu Agency

07 Jun,2016