Draft text of UN climate deal reached in Bonn
- The draft document is an outline for governments before they meet at Paris Summit in late November to tackle climate change


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) announced Friday that a draft text of the UN climate deal is reached after five days of negotiations in Bonn, Germany between envoys from countries. 

The draft text forms an outline for the world governments that will meet in Paris Climate Change Summit (COP 21) from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 for the final round of negotiations to agree on a global climate change agreement. 

"We now have a Party-owned text that is balanced and complete. The challenge for governments is to bring it down to a much more concise and coherent form for adoption in Paris," UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres said in statement.

She added that the draft text includes additional options that reflect the concerns of all countries.

French Climate Change Ambassador Laurence Tubiana said "We have a manageable text for further work in Paris. While much work remains, the text is a good basis for negotiations and negotiations need to start from the first day of the conference."

Figueres and Tubiana stressed that political process until COP 21 will be vital for the meeting's success. 

For this purpose, a pre-COP21 ministerial meeting will take place in Paris early November to further address the high-level political issues relating to the draft agreement, the statement said. 

The G20 heads of state will also meet in Turkey in mid-November, followed by the heads of state meeting of the Commonwealth in Malta before the Paris Summit. 

COP21 aims to achieve a legally binding international agreement, although the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which tried to reduce greenhouse emissions, was not ratified by all governments throughout the world. 

- "Countries have different priorities"

Meanwhile, Mehmet Emin Birpinar, Turkey's Deputy Undersecretary in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, told Anadolu Agency about the progress made in Bonn. 

Noting that the draft text has turned into a "difficult document" due to its extensive length, Birpinar said "It is not any easy process for 195 different countries to agree on the draft text. Each have different priorities and calculations based on various economic and political factors. We will see in Paris if all can meet on a common target."

"We will try to shorten the draft text and agree on it in Paris. For the future of the world, all countries need to form a consensus," said Birpinar who is also Turkey's climate change chief negotiator. 

Stating that Turkey plans to reduce its emission levels by 21 percent until 2030, he said Turkey has conducted bilateral talks with the EU, Malaysia and other countries to reach a common ground. 

By Ovunc Kutlu

Anadolu Agency 


24 Oct,2015