ExxonMobil expands methane emissions reduction program
- Program encompasses efforts to develop and deploy new efficient technologies to detect and reduce facility emissions

ExxonMobil has announced an enhanced program to reduce methane emissions from its production and midstream facilities across the U.S., according to the statement released by the energy giant on Monday.

"The program, which builds on ExxonMobil's longstanding commitment to emissions reduction, prioritizes actions at sites operated by subsidiary XTO Energy," the company said, adding that the program also includes efforts to develop and deploy new, more efficient technologies to detect and reduce facility emissions.

XTO President Sara Ortwein explained that the company is implementing an enhanced leak detection and repair program across their production and midstream sites to continually reduce methane emissions.

"We are also evaluating opportunities to upgrade facilities and improve efficiency at both current and future sites,” Ortwein was quoted as saying.

The program includes a commitment to phase out high-bleed pneumatic devices over three years, extensive personnel training, research, and facility design improvements for new operations.

By Ebru Sengul

Anadolu Agency



26 Sep,2017