Baker Hughes, KBC to share solutions for oil, gas sector
- Baker Hughes, KBC will work together to increase efficiency in oil and gas sector

Baker Hughes, a GE company and KBC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, partnered to provide solutions for better performance in the oil and gas sector, the companies announced Tuesday

Integrating KBC technology with Baker Hughes' suite of digital solutions will allow customers to reduce bottlenecks in facilities, processes and equipment to achieve optimal production and lower risk.

Their partnership will involve process simulation, asset performance management and operational software solutions

"Leveraging GE’s Predix, the platform for the industrial internet, to deliver one unified view, this partnership extends KBC’s Petro-SIM process simulation modeling further into the full stream oil and gas value chain, and provides connectivity between operations, assets, people and business processes for end-to-end optimization," according to the GE announcement.

By integrating data analytics between facilities and operations, the time spent in operations will be significantly reduced and the insight gained will increase production, reduce energy usage and improve product quality consistency.

The integration of KBC's process simulation and models with Baker Hughes' analytics, digital twins, full stream software and Predix provides real-time congruence between the digital and physical worlds, according to the announcement.

A plant's digital twin, enabled by this partnership, will enable efficient workforce management, allowing personnel to focus on critical plant operations.

By Gulsen Cagatay

Anadolu Agency






19 Sep,2017