Scotland receives approval for new solar power farm
- Solar farm set to have up to 80,000 solar panels

Scotland's Moray Council granted planning permission for the construction and operation of Elgin Energy’s solar power project in Speyside in northeastern Scotland, the council announced on Tuesday.

The solar farm will be located in a 47-hectare site, with up to 80,000 solar panels installed, along with a substation, 20 invertor stations and a closed-circuit television camera system all bound by a two-and-a-half meter high deer fence.

Permission to run the solar farm is valid for 30 years, from the first time energy is exported from the site.

After the permission expires, the developer will have one year to decommission the works and restore the site to a condition agreed with the council.

The council requires regular reports on the plant's energy generation, as part of the condition of granting the planning permission.

Additionally, the council needs to approve the make and model of the solar panels to be used, "as well as a draft decommissioning and restoration plan, to make sure there is no lasting negative environmental impact," the council said.

"All cabling will be underground, meaning sheep will be able to graze around the panels, and no trees, hedges or woodland will be removed or altered. However, additional planting has been proposed," the council said.

By Zeynep Beyza Kilic

Anadolu Agency


16 Aug,2017