Qatar to boost LNG production 30% by 2024
- Qatar plans to increase its LNG output by 30 percent within seven years, says Qatar Petroleum CEO

Qatar plans to increase its LNG output by 30 percent within seven years, according to the chief executive of Qatar Petroleum on Tuesday.

Saad Sherida Al Kaabi, at a press conference in Qatar's capital Doha said that the country plans to increase gas production from its huge North Field.

The increase at the North Field will boost the country's LNG production to 100 million tons per year from the current 77 million tons.

Al Kaabi also noted that demand for LNG is growing faster than oil demand.

According to official figures from the International Gas Union and the International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers, Qatar exported 77 million tons of LNG in 2016.

While sales to the Asian region accounted for more than 60 percent of Qatar's total LNG exports, the country's top export destinations were Japan, South Korea, India, the U.K. and China.

Qatar exported 14.5 million tons of LNG to Japan, 12.3 million to South Korea, 8.8 million to India, 9.3 million to the U.K. and around 5 million tons to China.

Several Arab states -- including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Yemen -- have imposed a diplomatic and economic blockade on Qatar, which they accuse of supporting terrorism.

Doha denies the accusations and has rejected a 13-point list of demands it received from the four countries to restore ties.

By Murat Temizer

Anadolu Agency


04 Jul,2017