Turkey interesting for LPG producers: Ankorgaz CEO
- Company positive in terms of market increase for LPG in Turkey, as well as in Balkan region

Turkish LPG market is interesting and it has a potential for growth, which places it into "our future plans," said Antonio Barani, CEO of Ankorgaz, Monaco based energy company.

"Definitely Turkey is a growing economy. There are a lot of infrastructure in natural gas, electricity and power generation," Barani told Anadolu Agency.

"Also, autogas is very cheap in Turkey. I think Turkey is one of the countries where consumer still looks at the price of the product. I am very positive in terms of market increase in LPG in Turkey, as well as in Balkan region."

LPG market of a country becomes interesting for suppliers if there are big numbers of consumers, he said.

The CEO noted that Ankorgaz has never sold LPG to Turkey but the Turkish market is interesting for them and Ankorgaz is trying to work with the Turkish companies.

"LPG market is where people is. So, no matter [for] what they are using and how they are using LPG, the consumption is important. Turkey is absolutely in our future plans," he said.

- Future bright for LNG not LPG

"In the long term LPG will be replaced by renewable energy and LNG will take its place in the automotive sector," Barani said.

"You can take LPG with a cylinder to your home, camping, wherever you need the gas. It's an interesting market, but not in the long term. We are already shifting to other products, such as LNG. I think within 10 years all the transportation, buses within cities, trucks, heavy transportation will be supplied and run with LNG. This is the future, I have no doubt," he explained.

By Murat Temizer in Lisbon

Anadolu Agency


01 Jul,2017