LPG offers viable alternative to more polluting fuels
- We must be brave and act for autogas (LPG) against other fuels, says president of AEGPL

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) offers consumers a greener, environmentally friendlier option to conventional transport fuels, according to Francesco Franchi, president of the European LPG Association (AEGPL) in Lisbon on Wednesday.

Speaking at the congress, Franchi said consumers can pick their fuel not only based on performance but more than ever before can choose based on environmental criteria.

"The topic of transportation was not on the EU agenda, but it is today - the transport sector paid attention in Europe," he said.

He declared that studies show that autogas, or LPG, is able to offer a solution as a fuel to combat air pollution.

"We must be brave and act for autogas against other fuels," he said, adding that LPG in comparison to other conventional fuels has fewer emissions and therefore positively impacts air quality. It also increases energy efficiency and helps Europe's economy, he said.

The AEGPL is in close contacts with Brussels to promote our industry," he said and continued that there is still much to be done to show the benefits of LPG.

The two-day congress is holding discussions on the topics of oil prices, what renewables bring to the LPG market, the rise in autogas consumption, LPG in the community and for small businesses, and the promotion of LPG solutions in an evolving policy environment.

The Congress is being held at Lisbon Congress Center with the anticipated attendance of over 1,500 from 37 different countries with over 100 exhibiting companies.

The AEGPL Congress will take place in Monaco in 2018.

By Murat Temizer in Lisbon

Anadolu Agency







21 Jun,2017