Gemini, largest wind farm in world begins ops.
- The Gemini offshore wind farm with a total capacity of 600 MW became operational on Monday

The largest offshore wind park in the world, the 600 megawatts (MW) Gemini offshore wind park in the Netherlands started operations on Monday, local media announced on Monday.

The €2.8 billion wind park is expected to produce 2.6 terawatts of wind power every year, and will reduce 1.25 million tons of carbon dioxide daily.

In addition, electricity generated from the wind park will provide sustainable energy for 1.5 million Dutch households.

The wind park is located at 85 kilometers off the coast of Groningen, in the North Sea where the average wind speed is about 36 kilometers per hour.

The Gemini wind park covers 68 square kilometers and comprises a quantity of 150 four-MW Siemens wind turbines, as well as two offshore high-voltage substations.

In the project, Northland Power has a 60 percent interest, while Siemens has a 20 percent stake and Van Oord and HVC each hold 10 percent interest.

Twenty-five banks from Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America financed the project.

By Gulsen Cagatay

Anadolu Agency

10 May,2017