Lukoil boosts field development work in Caspian Sea
- Lukoil deploys two convoys carrying building materials for development of Phase 2 of Caspian projects

Russia's Lukoil deployed two convoys carrying building materials for the development of Phase 2 of the company's Caspian projects, Lukoil announced Friday.

The first convoy carried the drilling rig two weeks ago for the topside of the fixed offshore ice-resistant platform (LSP-2), which was brought to the Vladimir Filanovsky field, according to the company's press release.The Vladimir Filanovsky field is located approximately 50 kilometers offshore, in the northern Caspian Sea.

Lukoil announced that the second vessel will deliver the substructure of the wellhead platform to its destination at the Yuri Korchagin field. The field is located in the Russian waters of the North Caspian Sea 180 kilometers from the city of Astrakhan and 240 kilometers from Makhachkala at a sea depth of 11-13 meters.

The second convoy will carry as scheduled the Phase 2 topside for the drilling rig for the Vladimir Filanovsky field and the wellhead platform topside for Phase 2 development of the Yuri Korchagin field to their destination points, the press release said.

Lukoil discovered the Vladimir Filanovsky Field in 2005 and production began in October 2016. The investment for the construction of the offshore field and its ancillary equipment is expected to be approximately $2.3 billion. Reserves in the field are estimated as 153.1 million tonnes of oil and 32.2 billion cubic meters of gas.

Lukoil discovered the Yuri Korchagin field in 2000. The proved and potential hydrocarbon reserves in this field are estimated to be 570 million barrels of oil equivalent.

By Muhsin Baris Tiryakioglu

Anadolu Agency






28 Apr,2017