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Europe imports 54 percent of energy in 2015: Eurostat
- In 2015, EU imports energy mainly petroleum products, natural gas, solid fuels and nuclear energy, Eurostat data shows

The EU produced around 46 percent of its own energy, while 54 percent was imported in 2015, according to the statistical office of the EU, Eurostat, on Wednesday.

According to the updated version of Shedding Light on Energy in the EU report, energy available in the European Union both domestically produced and imported, were mainly sourced from five different energy types: petroleum products, including crude oil, at 34 percent, natural gas with 22 percent, 16 percent from solid fuels, 14 percent from nuclear energy and renewable energy with 13 percent.

According to the data, the shares of the assorted available energy sources vary between member states, but in general the EU's energy production includes solid fuels largely coal, natural gas, crude oil, nuclear energy and renewable energy such as hydro, wind and solar energy.

Petroleum products, including crude oil, account for a significant share of the total energy available in the Greek Cypriot administration (93 percent), Malta (85 percent) and Luxembourg (63 percent), while natural gas makes up around a third or more in the Netherlands, Italy and the United Kingdom.

"Over half of the energy available in Estonia at 62 percent and Poland at 51 percent comes from solid fuels, mainly coal, while nuclear energy accounts for 45 percent in France and 32 percent in Sweden," according to the data.

- Nuclear still significant for EU

In 2015, nuclear energy, at 29 percent of total EU energy production, was the largest contributing source to energy production in the EU.

Renewable energy, at 27 percent, was the second largest source, followed by solid fuels at 19 percent, natural gas with 14 percent and crude oil with 10 percent.

As well as diverging consumption among EU member states, production also showed variations.

The significance of nuclear energy was particularly high in France with 83 percent of total national energy production, Belgium followed with 65 percent and Slovakia with 63 percent.

Renewable energy was the main source of energy production in a number of member states, with over 90 percent in Malta, Latvia, Portugal, Cyprus and Lithuania.

By Gulsen Cagatay

Anadolu Agency





19 Apr,2017