Three windy cities power 3 million houses in Turkey
-Izmir, Balikesir and Manisa generate almost one third of total wind installed capacity in Turkey: Turkish Wind Energy Assoc.

Three wind energy-rich cities are powering up to three million homes through wind energy in Turkey, according to Turkish Wind Energy Association (TUREB) data on Tuesday.

Izmir, Balikesir and Manisa have a total of 2,822 megawatts (MW) of installed wind electricity capacity, almost one third of the total wind installed capacity in Turkey.

According to the data, Turkey's installed wind capacity reached 6,106 MW in total by the end of 2016 with the addition of 1,387 MW of capacity last year.

"Izmir has 1,109 MW of installed wind capacity, while Balikesir has 1,014 MW and Manisa has 639 MW," according to the data citing the top three in the country.

The data also shows that Izmir powers around 1.3 million homes while Balikesir generates electricity for 1 million homes and Manisa powers 753 thousand households.

Izmir and Manisa are located on Turkey’s Aegean region while Balikesir is in the Marmara region of the country.

A total of 152 energy companies operate in the country's wind energy sector.

The share of wind reached 7.7 percent of total electricity capacity in the country in 2016 ensuring the country ranked seventh in the world and third in Europe in wind's share of total generation.

Reporting By Busra Nur Ozcan

Writing By Gulsen Cagatay

Anadolu Agency





19 Apr,2017