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International partnership develops solar plant in Japan
- Nanao plant jointly owned by ISE group, has 50 percent interest, while Total and SunPower each hold 25 percent stake

Japanese ISE group, French Total and the U.S.' SunPower completed the construction of a 27-megawatts photovoltaic power plant in Nanao on Japan’s Honshu Island, Total announced on Wednesday.

The plant took a year to be completed and will generate clean and reliable electricity to serve thousands of Japanese households on the island, Total said.

The Nanao plant is jointly owned by the ISE Group, which has a 50 percent interest, while Total and SunPower each hold a 25 percent share.

More than 80,000 SunPower solar panels operating at the Nanao solar power plant will "maximize the power generated on site by producing 45 percent more energy in the same amount of space compared to conventional solar panels," said SunPower Vice President Shingo Tajiri.

The ground-mounted solar power plant is designed to meet Japanese earthquake-resistant building standards.

"The photovoltaic power plant that has started its operations in Nanao is one of the largest in the Hokuriku region," said Hikonobu Ise, chairman of the ISE group.

By Zeynep Beyza Kilic

Anadolu Agency





19 Apr,2017