Turkey's 2015 g/house emissions reach 475.1 mln tonnes
- CO2 emissions come from combustion of carbon-based fuels, principally coal, oil, and natural gas as well as deforestation

Overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent, for the year 2015 was 475.1 million tonnes (Mt), according to Turkish Statistical Institute's inventory data released Monday.

Turkey's energy sector was responsibility for the majority of overall greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) for 2015 at 71.6 percent out of total equivalent CO2 emissions, according to the statistics.

In addition, the statement read that the energy sector was followed by industrial processes and product usage as a percentage of overall greenhouse gas emission at 12.8 percent, agricultural activities registered at 12.1 percent followed by waste at 3.5 percent.

- GHG emissions per capita increases

The statistics show that total greenhouse gas emissions as CO2 equivalent increased by 122 percent in 2015 compared to emissions in 1990.

CO2 equivalent emissions per capita was 6.07 tonnes in 2015, from 3.88 tonnes in 1990.

CO2 emissions come from the combustion of carbon-based fuels, principally coal, oil, and natural gas, along with deforestation, soil erosion and animal agriculture.
In 2015 in Turkey, the highest percentage of CO2 emissions originated from the energy sector at 86.1 percent while 13.7 percent were derived from industrial processes and product use and 0.2 percent came from agricultural activities and waste.

Carbon dioxide equivalent is a measure used to compare the emissions from various greenhouse gases based upon their global warming potential. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are converted into CO2 equivalents for comparison.

By Gulsen Cagatay

Anadolu Agency

17 Apr,2017