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Turkey warns about 'arbitrary' decision of Kirkuk gov't
- Turkey's Foreign Ministry says Kirkuk governorate decision to use KRG flag in official business may harm stability in Iraq

Turkey's Foreign Ministry has issued a statement on Sunday evening, criticizing Kirkuk government's decision to use Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government's flag in official business.

The statement, which was released as an answer to a question addressed to Foreign Ministry spokesperson Huseyin Muftuoglu, said it "criticizes" the decision taken by Kirkuk government, which is located in north of Iraq.

"The constitution in Iraq determined the process about disputed local administrative borders," the statement said. "Before putting this process into implementation, taking one-sided decisions on Kirkuk's status may harm the efforts of stability and building consensus in Iraq."

The ministry, with the statement, also warned that "these types of initiatives carry the risk of eroding multi-cultural identity of Kirkuk."

On Thursday, Kirkuk province has decided to use KRG flag along with Iraq's flag in governmental institutions, also decided to use Kurdish language in official letters alongside with Arabic.

By Satuk Bugra Kutlugun

Anadolu Agency


20 Mar,2017