E.ON to turn waste to power in Stockholm
- Biogas facility plans to come online in 2018, while combined heat and power plant is set for 2019

E.ON made a €250 million investment in a project to turn waste to power in Stockholm, the company announced on Wednesday.

The company is building a thermal waste recycling facility with an installed capacity of 25 megawatts in northwest Stockholm for the production of electricity, heat and biogas together with a biogas and a combined heat and power facility.

The biogas facility is planned to come online in 2018, and the combined heat and power plant in 2019.

The facility will use materials that cannot be recycled and process them to generate biogas, electricity or district heat.

"The project should contribute to covering the demand for environmentally correct generated power in Sweden's fastest growing region," E.ON said.

"Together with the construction of the new combined heat and power plant, E.ON's remote heating network will be integrated into the greater Stockholm area, while older generation facilities will be taken out of operation," the company added.

By Zeynep Beyza Kilic

Anadolu Agency


09 Mar,2017