One billion more people to use LPG by 2030: LPG Assn.
- World LPG Association aims to make 1 billion more people to reach LPG by 2030, says official

Strong production, intense demand and low price trends in LPG market will provide significant opportunities for the world, said Yagiz Eyuboglu, President of World LPG Association (WLPGA) on Monday.

According to a statement by Koc Holding, Eyuboglu participated in the WLPGA 2017 Asia Summit in India. Eyuboglu is also the chairman of Koc Holding's energy group.

Speaking at the summit, he said "LPG provides important opportunities. We aim to make 1 billion more people to reach LPG by 2030. We also encourage the further increase in the use of autogas, which is still widespread in both developed and developing countries. Autogas reduces carbon emissions from road transport. We will continue to emphasize that it is an effective and environmentally friendly energy product in fighting air pollution in big cities."

Eyuboglu reminded that "Cooking For Life" program aims to raise the quality of life by reducing the loss of human health and environment by providing LPG instead of traditional and inefficient fuels.

Cooking for Life, a campaign of the WLPGA, aims to facilitate the transition of one billion people from cooking with traditional fuels as well as other dirty and dangerous fuels to cleaner-burning LPG by 2030.

Eyuboglu said that especially in India LPG sector is growing exceptionally and the Asia-Pacific region has always been important for the LPG industry.

In the last 10 years, the consumption of LPG in the Pacific region has increased by 50 percent and 20 countries of the region consumed 63 million tons of domestic gas and 9 million tons of autogas, he added.

"We have a similar success [like India] in Turkey's autogas market and there is no reason why Turkey's success story in the autogas field will not be experienced in other markets of the world," he concluded.

By Murat Temizer

Anadolu Agency


13 Feb,2017