Gas' share in power production hits record in Israel
- Gas-driven turbines produces 8,258 megawatts out of 11,936 megawatts on Feb. 1, Israel Electric Corporation announces

Israel's gas-driven turbines produced record high electricity on Feb.1 with 8,258 megawatts, 69 percent of the total electricity production of 11,936 megawatts, Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) reported on Thursday that

According to IEC, the company's own production reached 8,592 megawatts, 72.5 percent of the total production, while private producers also used gas to produce 2,268 megawatts. Coal and other sources generated the remainder of the power production.

IEC is the main producer of electricity in Israel and its full production capacity amounts to more than 11,900 megawatts.

As part of the Israeli government-sponsored reform in IEC, the company will divest its electricity production facilities, including 17 gas turbines, Israel's daily Globe reported on Thursday.

IEC controlled more than 95 percent of the electricity sector in Israel, and controlled production, distribution, and transmission of electricity in 2012. The company's market share in the electricity market decreased to 71 percent in 2016.

According to International Energy Agency's 2015 Key World Energy Statistics, energy consumption in Israel was 52.86 terawatt hours, similar to Portugal and Kuwait with 6,562 kilowatt hours per capita, comparable to Russia and Estonia.

By Muhsin Baris Tiryakioglu

Anadolu Agency




04 Feb,2017