Danish Dong Energy to stop coal use by 2023
- Company to replace coal with sustainable biomass in power stations

Danish Dong Energy will stop using coal as fuel in the company's power stations by 2023, the company announced on Thursday.

The decision is in line with the company's vision to transform to a sustainable energy system and create a leading green energy company.

Since 2006, Dong Energy reduced its coal consumption by 73 percent.

In order to cease the use of coal completely, the company's power stations will replace coal with sustainable biomass.

With Dong's decision to stop all use of coal by 2023, a future solution must now be prepared for the company's remaining two coal-fired power stations.

"The company is in dialogue with the heating customers regarding the possibilities of converting the two power stations to use wood chips as fuel instead of coal when the existing heating agreements expire at the end of 2017 and 2019, respectively," the company said.

"The future belongs to renewable energy sources, and therefore we're now converting the last of our coal-fired power stations to sustainable biomass," said CEO Henrik Poulsen.

By Zeynep Beyza Kilic

Anadolu Agency




02 Feb,2017