1st step complete for Daivoes hydro plant in Portugal
- Iberdrola completes excavation of diversion tunnel to feed Daivoes hydroelectric power station in Portugal: company announces

Iberdrola completed the excavation of the 400 meter-long diversion tunnel to feed the Daivoes hydroelectric power station in Portugal, the company announced on Wednesday.

The next step in finishing the power station is to "work on the inner concrete reinforcement lining and the cofferdams, which will enable them to divert the Tamega River so that the construction of the dam and the Daivoes power plant can begin," Iberdrola said.

Once complete, the Daivoes power station will have an installed power of 114 megawatts and produce 142 gigawatt-hours of power.

Daivoes represents one third of the projects that will be located on the Tamega River.

The Tamega complex will comprise three large dams, Gouvaes, Tamega and Daivoes, and altogether the associated electricity generating facilities will have an installed capacity of 1,158 megawatts and be capable of producing more than 1,760 gigawatt-hours per year, the company added.

Overall, the projects require an investment of over €1.5 billion.

By Zeynep Beyza Kilic

Anadolu Agency




04 Jan,2017