Global gas trade increases by around 5% in 2016
- 68 percent of natural gas trade was conducted through pipelines in 2016, BP report shows

Trade of natural gas worldwide increased by around 5 percent in 2016 year-on-year, according to British Petroleum's (BP) Statistical Review of World Energy 2017 report on Wednesday.

BP noted that around 1.08 trillion cubic meters of gas was traded in the global market in 2016 - an increase of 4.85 percent compared to 2015 when the amount traded amounted to 1.03 trillion cubic meters.

The report showed that 68 percent of the natural gas trade was made through pipelines and the remainder was through LNG.

Last year, 737.5 billon cubic meters of gas was sold through pipelines and sales of 346.6 billion cubic meters were made in LNG form.

- Pipeline leader Russia, LNG leader Qatar

Russia was the country that sold the most natural gas via pipelines in 2016 with 190.8 billion cubic meters, while the country that saw the most gas demand was Germany with 99.3 billion cubic meters.

Norway was the second country with the most exports by pipeline, and Canada ranked third.

However, Qatar sold 104.4 billion cubic meters of LNG, followed by Australia with 56.8 billion cubic meters and Malaysia exported 32.1 billion cubic meters of LNG.

The countries with the most LNG demand were Japan, South Korea and China.

The total amount of LNG purchased by the three Asian countries totalled 186.7 billion cubic meters.

By Murat Temizer

Anadolu Agency

Countries with the most gas sales by pipeline (2016)

Russia190.8 billion cubic meters

Norway109.8 billion cubic meters

Canada82.4 billion cubic meters

The U.S.60.3 billion cubic meters

Netherlands52.3 billion cubic meters


Countries with the most gas sales as LNG (2016)

Qatar104.4 billion cubic meters

Australia56.8 billion cubic meters

Malaysia32.1 billion cubic meters

Nigeria23.7 billion cubic meters

Brunei21.2 billion cubic meters


19 Jun,2017