Europe to discuss LPG at AEGPL conference in Lisbon
- The conference will discuss latest trends in the energy world including LPG's role in a changing policy environment

The European LPG industry's event of the year, the AEGPL’s LPG (liquid petroleum gas) Exhibition and Conference, will be held in Portugal's city of Lisbon between June 21 and 22.

AEGPL comprises national LPG associations, representing the main European LPG suppliers, distributors and equipment manufacturers. The annual event brings the industry together with global leaders, buyers and suppliers.

The two-day congress will hold discussions on the topics of oil prices, what renewables bring to the LPG market, the rise in autogas consumption, LPG in the community and for small businesses, and the promotion of LPG solutions in an evolving policy environment.

The Congress will be held at Lisbon Congress Center with the anticipated attendance of over 1,500 from 37 different countries with over 100 exhibiting companies.

- LPG in Europe and Turkey

Around six million homes in Europe rely on LPG for central and water heating.

LPG is a low-carbon alternative to conventional fossil fuels. Its combustion emits 33 percent less CO2 than coal and 15 percent less than heating oil, according to the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management.

According to the World LPG Association, the top three LPG producing countries are the U.S., China and Saudi Arabia.

Turkey's LPG demand increased by 9 percent in 2015, compared to 2014 and it now has the highest number of vehicles running on autogas with over 4 million vehicles, followed by Russia, Poland, South Korea and India.

As Turkish consumers pay one of the most expensive gasoline and diesel fuel prices compared to the rest of the world due to taxes levied on them, these fuels have become unattractive and LPG has become the preferred fuel because of its price advantages in comparison.

LPG operates 121 gas turbines throughout the world, 19 of which are located in Turkey.

By Murat Temizer

Anadolu Agency



19 Jun,2017