Turkish students need foreign training in nuclear power
- Turkey's first nuclear plant needs 16,000 nuclear experts, both engineers and technicians: Nuclear Sciences Ins. director

Ukrainian universities will provide qualified nuclear academicians that Turkey lacks, international experience and training in nuclear energy education, Niyazi Meric, director of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences of Ankara University said in a recent interview.

"As an institute, we have decided to cooperate with Ukrainian universities, as they know the risks and security of the nuclear power industry," Meric said.

The institute initially plans to send 20 students to Ukraine from Turkey to gain practical training in nuclear energy.

The students can learn theoretically about nuclear power in Turkish universities, but countries that already have nuclear power plants can also provide practical training, he added.

Turkey plans to build three nuclear power plants, the first at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in the Mersin province of Turkey, the second - the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant and the third whose locations has not yet to be announced.

The first nuclear power plant, which will have four reactors, will need 16,000 nuclear experts, including engineers and technicians, Meric explained.

According to Meric, after receiving theoretical education in Turkey, students will be given laboratory lessons and even complete internships in nuclear reactors in Ukraine, Meric underlined.

Ukraine has 15 reactors that generate about half of the country's electricity, according to the World Nuclear Association (WNA).

There are currently around 307 students from Turkey studying nuclear science at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) of Russia's National Research Nuclear University.

Nuclear power capacity worldwide is increasing steadily, with over 60 reactors under construction in 15 countries, according to the WNA.

By Huseyin Erdogan

Anadolu Agency


18 Mar,2017