Russian nuke power plants raise output by 0.6%
- Russia generates over 196.4 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity from its nuclear power plants

Russia increased its power generation by about 0.6 percent from its nuclear power plants in 2016 and reached 196.4 billion kilowatt-hours (KWh) of electricity, according to Rosenergoatom, the subsidiary of state nuclear corporation Rosatom.

The overall generation in 2016 increased by more than a billion – up to 196.4 billion kWh compared to the previous years' generation of 195.2 billion kWh.

"Rosatom takes second place globally in terms of installed nuclear capacity and the number of nuclear units in operation," according to Rosatom.

Nuclear plants generate more than 18 percent of Russian electricity, operating 35 nuclear units at 10 nuclear power plants in the country.

Total installed capacity of all Russian nuclear power plants amounts to 26.2 gigawatts of electricity, which accounts for 10.9 percent of all generating capacity in the national power grid.

By Huseyin Erdogan

Anadolu Agency



10 Jan,2017