Turkey's electricity tariff customers rise in September
- Eligible consumers rise by 3% in Sept. month-on-month -- in Istanbul by over 1.3M, Izmir with 445K and Antalya with 373Krn

The number of electricity consumers who are able to exercise their right to buy electricity from their preferred provider increased by 3 percent in September compared to August, according to the latest Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST) data on Thursday.

These eligible consumers, who availed of more competitive tariffs, totaled 4.62 million in September in Turkey.

Consumers who use more than 2,400 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year qualified as eligible consumers in 2017. In other words, customers with a monthly power bill over 82 Turkish liras ($22.58) were classified as eligible.

In September, Istanbul, Turkey's largest populated city, contained the largest number of eligible consumers totaling 1.3 million. Izmir and Antalya followed with 445,781 and 373,642 people, respectively.

EXIST divides consumers who qualify into categories from which residential consumers were the largest with over 3.25 million followed by the business sector with 1.31 million eligible consumers.

By Gulsen Cagatay

Anadolu Agency


12 Oct,2017