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Trump nominates McIntyre to chair FERC
- The country's top energy watchdog FERC approves energy projects

The U.S. President Donald Trump intends to nominate Kevin J. McIntyre to become the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), according to a White House statement on Thursday.

McIntyre practiced law for most the part of his nearly 30-year legal career, and he is the co-leader of the global energy practice at the law firm Jones Day, according to the statement.

He has been active in the energy sector, and practiced in the legal and regulatory aspects of the industry.

Mr. McIntyre is a recognized leader in the U.S. energy regulatory arena, with an expansive FERC practice representing clients in all industry sectors," the statement said.

Specifically, he practiced in oil, natural gas, electricity, hydropower, wind power and other renewable resources, energy marketing and trading, according to the statement.

After officially nominated by Trump, McIntyre needs to be approved by the U.S. Senate to head the FERC.

The FERC, the country's top energy watchdog, consists of five members -- two Democrats, two Republicans, while the chairman is from the same part as the President.

The Commission approves energy projects and regulates sale and transmission of electricity and transportation of oil between states.

It also analyzes and approves LNG export terminal projects in the U.S., which Trump sees as a key area for his energy and economic goals to export natural gas overseas.

By Ovunc Kutlu in New York

Anadolu Agency




15 Jul,2017