Spot market electricity prices for Thursday, May 18
- Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST) data shows trade volume as 56.4 million Turkish liras for electricity marketrn

The highest electricity rate for one-megawatt hour in the day-ahead spot market for Thursday will be 205.33 Turkish liras at 11.00 and the lowest will be 96 liras at 04.00 local time, according to official figures on Wednesday.

Turkey's Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST) data for the trade volume in Wednesday's electricity market increased by 4.69 percent to 56.4 million liras compared to Tuesday.

The arithmetical and weighted average price of electricity for the day-ahead spot market on Thursday is calculated as 155.61 liras and 156.57 liras respectively.

The highest electricity price on the day-ahead spot market for one-megawatt hour for Wednesday was 203.16 liras at 11.00 and the lowest was 97.48 liras at 04.00 local time.

US$1 equals 3.55 Turkish liras, according to Turkey's Central Bank data.

By Gulsen Cagatay

Anadolu Agency




17 May,2017