Norwegian energy co. tests wind power for oil prod.
- DNV GL leads group seeking solutions to facilitate offshore oil production with wind energyrn

Norwegian energy consulting company DNV GL determined that wind power could be used to power offshore water injection to enhance drilling for oil, the company announced late on Wednesday.

The DNV GL-led joint industrial project, WIN WIN consists of four partners: DNV GL, ExxonMobil and ENI Norge – all part of the first phase – and the Norwegian Research Council – a new participant for this second phase.

The WIN WIN concept includes a floating wind turbine, which supplies power to a typical water injection process that includes pumping and basic water treatment.

DNV GL said that the first phase of the project concluded that the concept is technically feasible, capable of meeting performance targets, and cost-competitive with conventional water injection solutions.

The project is currently moving into its second phase, which is expected to run over the course of one to two years, and includes refining and testing electrical systems, and investigating possibilities for broader applications.

The second phase will focus on extensive physical lab testing of the electrical systems at the DNV GL power laboratories in Arnhem in the Netherlands, thereby maturing the technical concept and expanding system performance.

"In this next phase of the project, we’ll use a small scale physical set-up to conduct tests on the systems," explained Project Manager Johan Slatte. “We aim to instill confidence in the industry that the system and components in this configuration will perform well over time with a variable power input," he said.

"If all tests are successful, a realistic timeline for a first full-scale prototype could be around 2020," Slatte explained.

According to DNV GL, the next phase of WIN WIN will also help to further develop the economic feasibility of wind and potentially other renewables in complex environments with demanding functional requirements.

Project sponsor Johan Sandberg said the project has shown great potential for the oil and gas industry to lower costs and increase efficiency while reducing its environmental footprint.

By Murat Temizer

Anadolu Agency


20 Apr,2017