French Engie eyes renewable investments in Turkey
- Engie plans to focus on renewables in Turkish energy market, company country representative says

Turkey's renewable energy resources will the main focus of Engie in line with the group strategy for 2017, according to Engie CEO and Turkey's representative, Denis Lohest, on Thursday.

Turkey is seeking more domestic and foreign investment to boost local and renewable resources, and consequently new tenders in coal, solar and wind will be on offer in 2017.

"We have assessed opportunities in the Turkish energy market. In line with our group strategy, our main focus in 2017 will be on renewable energy resources and services," Lohest told Anadolu Agency and explained that they will establish an electricity and gas trading platform in Istanbul.

"The electricity and gas trading platform will be a complete organization structure, consisting of persons and systems that will cover all aspects, ranging from standard products to tailor-made products, from the commercial activities itself to supporting activities as risk management, invoicing and internal control for large customers," he said.

Lohest explained that benefits will arise for other Turkish companies active in the markets who will see an increased market depth and sophistication of products that can be used to their own benefit.

"Clients will find products that will better suit their needs and cover their risks. The choice for Istanbul is based on our proximity to the market with the help of our operations in Turkey which guarantees a better understanding of the evolving market context and enables us to develop solutions. The investment will be mainly in human capital and IT systems," he pointed out.

Lohest concluded that their main target is to keep and strengthen their vision to be a reliable partner for their stakeholders in Turkey.

By Nuran Erkul

Anadolu Agency


12 Jan,2017