Spanish Ferrovial to build €80M hydro plant in Portugal
- Contract includes construction of main cavern, €80 million investment with 47 month deadline

Spanish infrastructure company Ferrovial will construct the Gouvaes hydroelectric power plant worth €80 million in Portugal, project owner Iberdrola announced late on Tuesday.

Ferrovial’s contract includes the construction of the main cavern, an investment of €80 million with a deadline of 47 months for completion, Iberdrola said.

The hydropower plant will have a total capacity of 880 megawatts.

The Gouvaes power plant is the third contract that Iberdrola awarded to Ferrovial as part of the Hydroelectric Complex on the River Tamega.

The Tamega complex will comprise three large dams, Gouvaes, Tamega and Daivoes, and altogether the associated electricity generating facilities will have an installed capacity of 1,158 megawatts.

Ferrovial is also currently building the Daivoes dam and power plant. Previously, it had built the access tunnel for the Gouvaes power plant and the exploratory shafts for the Tamega project.

By Zeynep Beyza Kilic

Anadolu Agency




12 Jan,2017