Greece battles to clean Salamina coast after oil spill
- Fuel spill from sunken cargo ship pollutes Greek island Salamina's coasts, causing an "environmental catastrophe"

Clean-up crews intensified their efforts on Wednesday to wipe away the thick layer of oil on the coast of Greece's Salamina Island, following a leakage from a sunken oil tanker on Sunday.

The cargo ship "Agia Zoni II", carrying a total of 2,570 tonnes of fuel, sank over the weekend while it was anchored in the Saronic Gulf near the country's biggest port, Piraeus.

A statement by Maritime Minister Panagiotis Kouroumplis said Tuesday that most of the leakage point was sealed and the fuel would be pumped from the tankers of the ship.

The island's east coast is covered by oil, causing an "environmental catastrophe," according to the mayor of Salamina, Isidora Papathanasiou.

“The damage is very extensive and the teams that have been sent to deal with it are very small,” Papathanasiou said, as the leakage polluted a coastal line around 2.5 kilometers long.

“This is a huge environmental and financial disaster, and all the (island’s) eastern coast is covered with crude oil,” she added in her remarks to Greek newspaper Kathimerini.


By Furkan Naci Top in Athens

Anadolu Agency


13 Sep,2017