Energy Diplomacy
Russia is main EU supplier of fossil fuels in 2015
- EU is mainly dependent on Russia for crude oil, natural gas and solid fuels, followed by Norway: Eurostat's data shows

Russia was the main EU supplier of crude oil, natural gas and solid fuels in 2015, according to Eurostat's latest Shedding Light on Energy report released Wednesday.

Almost two thirds of the EU's additional crude oil imports came from Russia at 29 percent, followed by Norway at 12 percent, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq trailed in third place, all at 8 percent.

"The stability of the EU’s energy supply may be threatened if a high proportion of imports are concentrated among relatively few external partners," the data underlines.

The data for 2015 shows that more than three quarters of the EU's imports of natural gas came from Russia at 37 percent, Norway at 33 percent and Algeria at 11 percent.

In addition, almost three quarters of solid fuel imports, mostly coal, originated from Russia at 29 percent, Colombia at 24 percent and the United States at 16 percent.

The data has been calculated as the share of net imports - (imports - exports) in gross inland energy consumption, meaning the sum of energy produced and net imports.

In the EU in 2015, over half of the EU’s energy needs were met by net imports with an import dependency rate of 54 percent.

This rate ranges from over 90 percent in Malta, Luxembourg and Cyprus to below 20 percent in Estonia, Denmark and Romania.

"The dependency rate on energy imports has increased since 2000, when it was just 47 percent," the data shows.

By Gulsen Cagatay

Anadolu Agency

21 Apr,2017